Our Company

Founded in 2009, ZCast Live is an online streaming service with its roots firmly planted the field. By bringing innovative and customizable streaming solutions to small businesses, film producers and events both big and small, we’ve strived to become the most reliable, appealing and ad-free broadcasting service available. Flexibility, integrity and reliability are our motto and reflect how our customers have come to know us. We’ve never failed to deliver a project, and we’re always on the lookout, eagerly awaiting the next big challenge. Our partnership with major satellite broadcasting services in the East and Midwest guarantees that our clients receive the best possible response times, quality footage and world-class streaming they deserve.

Our Experience

Over the years Zcast Live has met more great people, worked on more projects and shared in visions than we can count. Whether it be covering live sporting events, working on movie sets or helping direct a feature film across international borders, our team is no stranger to turning even the most out of this world idea into a reality. Where we come from, there’s no such thing as a bad experience, only great memories.


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