What software can I use to broadcast live video?

You can use any software app that encodes video as h.264 and audio in AAC format and sends via RTMP, RTSP or MPEG-TS.  That will provide ideal results on most devices.   If you have a custom video/audio format that isn’t H.264/AAC contact us and we can likely transcode it for an additional fee.   Software that works well for example is Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast.

Do you support any hardware encoders?

If your encoder supports H.264/AAC and will send in RTP, RTSP, or MPEG-TS via UDP or TCP we will likely support it.  We’ve validated products from Teradek, Fujitsu and Tandberg/Ericsson.

I’d like to broadcast from outside.  Is that possible?

Yes.  Our professional services team can get you connected from just about anywhere.  We have excellent solutions that can take advantage of multiple cellular networks to get your broadcast online.

I’d like to broadcast from a location with little or no cellular or any other intenet available.  What can you do?

We have a couple of solutions in these cases.  Both involve using satellites to get connectivity.  While not inexpensive, we can make it happen from virtually anywhere on the planet.  If your location is accessable by a mid-sized SUV we can provide excellent, high quality service.  If not, we have small portable satellite terminals we can use as well. Contact us for more details regarding pricing and requirements.

I have an iPhone, Can I use that to broadcast?

Sure.  There are a few apps for the iPhone that support broadcasting to our network.  We prefer the Wowza  GoCoder app as it’s well supported by the vendor and works seamlessly with our services.  Check the appstore to get it.

I have an Android phone, can I use that to broadcast?

Yes.  There are a handful of apps that will work, but so far the most reliable we’ve found is ‘Broadcaster’ by Paul Gregoire.  It does not support all devices, but any it does support it’s quite good.  Try the free ‘Broadcaster’ app first before buying ‘Broadcaster Pro’.  We usually require the ‘pro’ app to be used since the free one does not support authentication.

I just want to wander around the street with a high end camera and send it live to the internet.  What do I do?

We support the Teradek products seamlessly.  Pickup a Teradek Cube and a 4G USB modem card.  Hook the 4G card to the Cube and the Cube to your camera and off you go.  You’ll be able to wander around anywhere where there is 4G service and broadcast live.

I don’t have any cameras or experience doing this.  Can you help?

Of course!  Our team can come onsite and handle all aspects of your webcast if you’d like.   We can provide the cameras, live switchers with graphic overlays and everything else needed to get your event on the net.

Are the webcasts secure?  We have sensitive material and don’t want the general public to have access.

ZCast Live can provide end-to-end encrypted and authenticated streaming if desired.  We have a few clients to use this for medical research and business meetings.  Our staff can create customized solutions for your needs.

I’d like to broadcast several ‘channels’ 24/7.  Is that possible?

Of course! Not only do we support short term or one-off streaming, but we can fully support any 24/7 operations as well.  If you’d like to protect your streaming channels with DRM we can integrate that as well so you can activate or deactivate individual subscribers as needed.

Do you support using Set Top Boxes?

Yes, depending on your needs there are several options.  Many TV’s, BluRay players and other media players will support ZCast Live broadcasts.  If you need DRM there are a smaller number of options.  We’ve tested and support Amino STB’s with DRM/Subscriptions.  If you have another STB in mind let us know and we can validate for you.